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Diversity & Inclusion

We have a diverse audience, from a range of cultures and backgrounds, but with one common passion: cycling. At Play Sports Network, we want to produce content for everyone, and make our workplace as diverse as we can. We are looking for the best possible talent, who also help us to represent our shared vision. That’s why we welcome individuals from all backgrounds – your ability, motivation and passion is what really matters to us.

We’re unique, we are all unique

  • We value the seeable and unseeable characteristics that make you who you are.
  • We have courage in our viewpoints as our inclusive culture motivates us to speak openly which helps us learn, grow and belong.
  • We need diversity of thoughts, backgrounds and cultures to make our Global Storytelling Platforms such as GCN, GMBN, and other channels reach their full potential.
  • We partake in Diversity & Inclusion training as a mandatory requirement each year.