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Career Progression


“Play Sports Network has given me a great opportunity to study a Level 4 apprenticeship, which has kickstarted my career as a Full Stack Developer. I work with friendly and collaborative team members who I can brainstorm my ideas with and learn from their experiences. As well as this, I am able to take advantage of our dedicated Friday afternoon training time to enhance my skills in areas which interest me, enabling me to bring new skills to the team as well as develop myself further.”
– Bradley Purdue (PSN Employee)

Here at Play Sports Network, there are career opportunities with pathways ranging from becoming a Software Developer to a Specialised Bike Mechanic. All roles will provide ways to expand your exposure and knowledge base, strengthen your skills and advance your career. In addition to day to day challenges at Play Sports Network, you will have the opportunity to engage in projects across multiple areas of the business, that will help you to develop relationships and build professional excellence.

In our Digital Development team, we’re aware that team members may be required to complete a list of specific tasks that may not leave enough space for other areas of interest or new technologies. That is why we ask you to reserve some time each week to pick an area where you’d like to strengthen a skill and do some learning.

Choose a career path that you love with us, and together, we can keep growing.