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Equipment and Studio Manager

If you are looking for a role in an exciting in-house production environment, where long-form documentaries and shorter-form YouTube content is being produced daily, then Play Sport Network’s Equipment and Studio Manager position may be the role for you. 

You’ll get the opportunity to meet and liaise with Presenters, Editors and other key stakeholders in the business. Being the only person in the department, you’ll have lots of autonomy to bring in new processes, and run the studio as you and the Production Director think best. 

As Equipment and Studio Manager, you may need to install, operate, maintain and troubleshoot video/recording equipment. Scheduling is also a key part of the role. You will get to determine what the best use of each set and studio is for each day, with the view to increase the productivity and profit of the studio.

To read the full job spec, and to apply, please click here.